Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Bikes difficult to get used to ?

No, not at all. All our Enfield’s are Modern 2012 -2014 Models with Fuel Injection and Electric Start. They may look Retro but are reliable, easy to start and ride, free from all the old bike Hassles. If you have ridden bikes, you will Find these Motorcycles easy to get used too. If your riding skills are a bit rusty, then they are ideal to start riding again. Solid handling and predictable power.


Can I carry a Pillion on the Solo Bikes ?

At the Moment, our fleet of Bikes are Single seat. You will just have be a Little selfish have this pleasure all to Yourself. Or Hire a second Bike for your Partner. Or Let them Hire the Sidecar Outfit as a passenger if for some reason they Cant Ride themselves.


Can I Hire one of the Sidecar Outfits as a Rider ?

Strictly Chair passengers or Pillions only in the Sidecars. You would think Piloting a Sidecar would be easy but no, unless you are an experienced Outfit rider, it is like nothing else you have ever ridden. Passengers always welcome. We take the sidecars out on Tours too, alone or with the Group if you have someone that cant Ride themselves due to License or Mobility issues.


Do you have riding gear if I don’t Use my own ?

If you are Travelling, its not always easy to carry helmet, Jackets etc around on your Trip. While it is always better to use your own gear, We have a range of Quality Riding Gear for hire. We even have a range of Helmets for sale if you want to take one home as a Souvenir.


How Do I get to Wollongong From Sydney ?

Easy access to Wollongong by train from the CBD or Airport, we can pick you up from North Wollongong railway Station or your Local Wollongong Accommodation if you are staying here. If the Train is not for you, with Prior arrangements and additional cost, talk to Rewind about Door to Door Pick up from your Sydney Accommodation or the Airport.


On your organized Tours, are the roads difficult ?

Back Country roads are what we mainly do. Rides are graded from easy to Moderate, happy to talk through any concerns you may have at booking time. Plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the Bikes before we hit the Corners or Mountain Passes. Being 45 Minutes out of the CBD, you will be out of all the usual Traffic … there is no Peak hour Hustle here in Wollongong. Plenty of Opportunity to take in the scenery, stop and Chat over Coffee. We only go out in small groups so no pressure and no chance of getting Lost.


Rainchecks on rainy days ?

Never Much Fun Riding in bad weather. In the event of heavy Rain or Winds then we will make the call and let you reschedule for a Nicer day. Cold or Hot days we are good to ride and we will advise the best gear to take.


What do I need to Have to Rent a Bike or Ride in a Tour ?

We Like everyone but our insurance guys have some conditions, you need:
- To be at Least 25 Years old
- At Least 3 Years Riding Experience (So on your Green P’s minimum)
- Passport Identification also required for International riders in
Addition to you Valid License from your home country.
- A Valid Credit card so we can Hold a $2000 security Deposit. This is Fully refundable when your hire bike is returned in the Condition
You picked it up in.


What gear do I need to Ride ?

As a Minimum, to ride, you will need :
- Your License as you will need to carry it with you
- An Australian Approved Helmet
- Jacket, Long Pants, Gloves and Boots that Cover your Ankles.


Which Bike is best for Me … the C5 Bullet or the GT Cafe Racer ?

Whichever Bike suits your fancy. We have had riders of all ages and sizes on both models and they found each easy to ride. While the GT seems taller, the seat is narrow which is good for shorter riders. The ride position of the Bullet is more upright, feet slightly forward with more compliant suspension for The Bumpy bits. The GT Café Racer is slightly lean foreword and sportier for hooking into corners but still so much more comfortable than the Modern Sports bike Clones out in the Market today. Pick one this Time then try the other Model Next Time.



Absolutely awesome!! Best day! Grateful to ride two different bikes. Thanks Mark ;) I had the best day.

NIKKI IMBER, Regular Ride - Triumph Thruxton

Great bike - Royal Enfield GT! What a brilliant way to ride Mt Jamberoo, Mac Pass and some gorgeous country roads that are part of stunning Illawarra.

NAT HOWARD, Regular Ride - Triumph Thruxton

Easy to ride, you can feel everything these Enfield’s are doing on the road and use everything. Good old fashioned, seat of your pants riding ... great fun.

DARYL LAKE, Regular Ride - DL650 V-Strom

What a blast riding the classic Enfields through the beautiful Southern Highlands. I can't think of a better way to arrive in style at Kangaroo Valley pub!

TOM GORDON, International Adventurer, Normally rides everything he can get his hands on